IT Support Trends in 2021 and Beyond

A year of challenges, changes, and adaptations has just entered its final stretch, and without a doubt, we hope that the year 2021 will bring better times, both socially, personally, and at work. Here are some predictions on key trends to be featured at the IT Support Desk in 2021. The Support Desk quickly provided a vital part of business continuity and resilience during the 2020 pandemic.

Optimization and Automation:

What happened during the pandemic? From one moment to the next, all clients had to find technological solutions to adapt to their new reality; they required immediate support and accompaniment to solve problems or cope with their infrastructures. And who was there? The Support Desk team. There began to be a new and constant dependence on technology by companies that, in a certain way, only The Support Desk, with their support, could cope with the situation.

After everything that happened this year 2020 due to the pandemic; restructuring of operations, budget limitation, an extension of working hours to offer a good service, remote work, among others, now there is not only the need to change the traditional ways of working related to IT service and support, it also appears the need to target IT operations and results – Excellent, faster, and cheaper – making the required optimization and automation more than just efficiency and cost savings.

Organization of IT assets

Resuming the disorder caused by computer assets by wanting all users to work as soon as possible from their homes without measuring the consequences of losing control of inventories will be a crucial trend for next 2021.

Currently, the management tools are improving their inventory module, allowing them to control both hardware and software through services hosted in the cloud without requiring that the equipment is within corporate networks.

Greater attention to Security and Cybersecurity for companies

It cannot be overlooked that collaborators are now more exposed to cybersecurity attacks with teleworking or remote work.

Taking early actions in the first quarter of 2021 can be a differentiating factor for companies with the help of Support Tables compared to companies that do not take this action because it will be more difficult for them to sustain their operations and proper operation of their IT services.